Friday, 20 June 2008


Photos + Blog = Phlog!

Yesterday I thought, "Hmm...I haven't updated my blog for a few days so I had better think of something. I know!" So I took loads of photos of my day, one every hour, on the half hour, so you have have a thrilling, enticing glimpse into my life and all it's interesting twists and turns. Ahem.
So, here we go!

8.30am: Enjoying my morning coffee. I have a small piece of weetabix in it, and it's cold, and in a Christmas mug. I'm pure elegance, me.

9.30am: Trying to check my email, but not getting a moments peace.
10.30am: Watching This Morning!

11.30am: Feeding
my bubba

12.30pm: My bubba is sleeping, it's crafty time.

1.30pm: Ramseys awake and lunch is ready - we always have lunch together :)

2.30pm: Playing with my chubba on the floor!

3.30pm: Going to post a letter quickly, while Daddy is home for lunch to look after the baby

4.30pm: Getting ready for work

5.30pm: Waiting for Daddy to pick us up to take me to work

6.30pm: Talking to a customer on the telephone!

7.30pm: Can it get more exciting? Getting a form to fax to someone!

8.30pm: Nearly home time, getting a bit silly!

9.30pm: Can finally relax with a glass of wine and some telly!

So that was my day yesterday! During my little craftytime there, I made a fab new range of jewellery. Using sparkly little beads and wire, in the same style as my Fluro set, I made this gorgeous necklace, which you can purchase in my Etsy shop as a set or on their own. If you buy the set, you even get a free pair of matching earrings, what more could you ask for? I think you should treat yourself :)


ChichiBoulie said...

Fabulous! what a life you lead, I could hardly keep up! :Do07

Elise of Argyle Whale said...

You must be tired! great idea for a post.

La Alicia said...

that was fun to have a peek into your day. your baby is adorable -- love those cheeks!

Art by Sophie said...

it's like my life...keeping child entertained, fitting in some much needed crafting and going to work late! lol!

the necklace is lovely btw!


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