Saturday, 28 June 2008

Friends, buyers, countrymen

Another long, long week without Internet access, although I have spent more time mucking around on the floor with my titchy-boy, I have felt rather cut off from society. Luckily being back at work has allowed me to check emails (and increasingly regular purchases!) nightly.

I have been on a bit of a making spree this week as well, no Internet access does wonders for my creative flow, as I'm not pissing about on the forums, I can actually get down to creating!

I totally love both of these designs (now available in my shop, here!)

I have also been working on my wholesale price list. If you would like a copy, and you are the buyer for a business or retail outlet, you can grab yourself a copy of the list by emailing me at I'm talking to two shops right now about stocking my jewellery in the UK, and a website already carries jewellery. So things are going well in that respect. Plus, my Dad has finally finished the catalogue stage of the website, so that will be up for your viewing (and purchasing) pleasure shortly. He is also sorted out my Internet connection at home, so provided my laptop doesn't give up the ghost - the adapter is buggered. Seriously, it's not even funny, Ramsey has been pulling at the cord (do you know something funny? I actually put "corn" there, and it was only when I read it back through that I noticed) and all the wires are dangling loose, I'm surprised that it still even works.

I hope you are all well, my lovely readers. I'm off to get myself an extra strong coffee. Tomorrow, my boyfriend IS going to finish my crafty cupboard, so I'm going to have my own little studio, I'm so excited!

P.S I'm looking for fun blogs to add to my blogroll - if you post in the comments here, I'll be checking out your blog and if I like it, I'll add your link to the side.


OnAMoonbeam said...

Love the black current earrings! Marked them as fav...thinking about them as a small gift! Wonderful!

Sew Bettie said...

I should probably take an internet break so that I can do some more creating. Good luck with your wholesale catalog.

Soap Sushi said...

I'd love to exchange links with you! Your blog is so cute!

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