Monday, 26 September 2011

Posting to Blogger on a Blackberry

A couple of people have asked how I have been posting to my blog on my Blackberry, so I thought a guide might be helpful. Before I start, I should probably point out the limitations of this service:

1. No image size or positioning editing. Any files I attach are at the top of the post and that's it, unless I then log in to a laptop after and move them about.

2. It always says 'sent from my Blackberry wireless device' at the end of every post and I don't know how to remove that.

3.My fingers hurt after a long post (hehe!)

Its really easy to set up - just go to your blog settings (from the dashboard) and along the top where it says layout etc.) You'll see email/mobile. Click that and the set up a secret word, which becomes part of an email address. Copy and paste the email address and save it in your Blackberry address book. Mine is called Blogger Post.

Save settings. Then go to email and Compose a new email, in the address bit find your saved email address (I just have to type Bl and it comes up) and then your email! I hope this helps :-)
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Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dog Beast

Hi :-) I'm writing this sitting in a bus stop on a windy day, eating a bag of penny sweets. Yum!

I really dislike dogs. Which is why I'm a bit horrified this week that I seem to have adopted a giant beast of one. Its a temporary arrangement, but its causing rather a lot of irreversible damage to the interior of my home.

She belongs to my ex-partner and father of my child, who lives with his brother who also has a Dog Beast. But a boy...and its mating season. I know what you're thinking. Why didn't I Just Say No? Partly because Ramsey adores the dog and partly because, ridiculously, I thought walking it might be the exercise I need to burn off all those cakes I've been eating for breakfast. Which I suppose might be true but more energy is expelled trying not to have my arm wrenched out of its socket.

Do you have a dog? Please tell me why anyone would chose to be woken up by a giant slobbering poop-machine?
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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Autumn is here...

What a beautiful day yesterday. Me and my small guy went for a long long walk in the park, swung on swings and climbed on trees and collected conkers.

I think we'll do the same this afternoon, he was so tired he slept all night and I got some time to do Very Important Things. Mysterious huh? Tomorrow I think I'm going to a vintage clothes and jewellery fair, very exciting except we are utterly and completely down-to-the-last-fiver skint. Window shopping will have to do for now!
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Thursday, 8 September 2011

A special little guy

This little guy has been my savior the last few months. He sings me a special song every morning, and on the bus, and in the queue at the supermarket, and before bed, in a silly high pitched voice. It goes like this;

Mummy you so beautiful
In the whole world
Because you areeeee!
Because you areeeee!
And I lovers you so much!
In the whole world <3

Its literally the best thing to ever bounce off my eardrums, and fills my heart with joy.
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