Saturday, 14 June 2008

Gift Guide Glory

Well, I'm having a great Internet week! Firstly I have made enough sales this week to get another lot of Moo cards as I have stupidly LOST a whole pack - I can't believe it! I'm so annoyed, I have like, two left. Anyway, I'm going to order some more because they were super cute.

So, not only is my paypal looking a little flusher, I have also been featured in an Etsy Gift Guide. Everyday Gifts under 15$! Here is a screen shot my my Tattoo earrings being pimped in the guide:
Now, I wouldn't have noticed this if it wasn't for a certain Etsy member. The lovely alisonkelleydesigns who makes beautiful jewellery such as this gorgeous watch that I totally covet but can't quite justify buying this month, what with the losing of the Moo cards:

I think I love her stuff because of her attention to detail and the gorgeous colours she uses. Anyway, I told her this and she noticed me in the gift guide and let me know, it really made my day!
I am totally sitting down and getting crafty on Sunday. I'm not going to Mass, because I'm not religious, and my boyfriend can easily take the baby. That will give me a good hour to get my glue gun out in the morning. Right-o, I'm off to sort out my Etsy fees for the month.

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