Saturday, 5 July 2008

Shiny Happy Fun

I received some great feedback this week on various bits of jewellery I have created, which has really boosted my confidence. I also spent about three hours organizing my stash (I just made up a joke. What do you call a cow's collection? A MOO-STASH!) so now I'm almost too scared to get everything out again and make a mess.

I'm being ultra-OCD this weekend too, because my bubba's christening is finally here and I have tried to keep the house super-tidy. My parents and uncle and auntie and cousins and my lovely gran will be coming down for the big day. Here is what I am wearing:

So I plan to have a super-crafty week all next week, with all my beads and bobbles and fandangles spread all over the dining table from Monday to Friday - woo! Bead porn! I also had my BT Home Hub delivered on Friday although it isn't up and running yet, but pretty soon I'm going to be 24/7 internet ratbag!

So expect loads of spangly new creations all next week, I aim to list a new piece every day :)

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