Wednesday, 9 April 2008

To The Craft Store!

I must, must, must go to the craft shop today. I need some more headpins. Ramsey loves the craft shop, I think it's all the sparkly stuff on the shelves, but the woman in there is really unfriendly, she appears to be looking at me like there is no way I could posibly create something worthy of her supplies. There is some paranoia for you eh?

I also need to work on a logo. I'm terrible at that kind of thing, I want something I have drawn, but my drawing tends to look like something a five year old would have been told off for drawing on a wall or something.

Megan is out. Megan is our tarantula, she is a Chilean Rose (Gramastola Cara, if you like the latin) and she scares me half to death. My boyfriend is feakily obsessed with her, to the point where he likes to sit in the dark, so she comes out and twiddles her horrid hairy legs. I didn't see why we couldn't get a nice, smily frog or something. Or a guinea pig. Or nothing.

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