Wednesday, 9 April 2008

A Productive Evening

I bought myself a chunky kitkat (the best chocolate ever!) and settled in for an evening of creativity and plastic joy!

I made:
  • The cutest, jangly new earrings ever, with my new bells
  • A new brooch, which I can't think of a name for and is going to bug me all night
  • Some drop studs in pink and light green, with stars and some brand new birdy charms

I'm going to go MAD if I don't find some split ring openers soon though, I accidentally bought like, 50 million split rings, which are nigh on impossible to open without the special tool, they are really driving me loopy-loo.

I also packaged up two new orders to send out, I'm so excited, the absolute best, most proudest moment of my crafting career (multiples!) is when I get feedback from my happy, happy customers!

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