Thursday, 10 April 2008


We have a craft store in town called Needlecraft. It's slightly out of the town centre, but still within walking distance, and I love it! They have SO much stuff crammed into a tiny shop (I can barely get my pram in there) and I can spend hours just picking things up, moving things about to see what is hiding behind. They have a bunch of tubs of random supples, bows, buttons, findings, all sorts of stuff. I spent £6 when I only meant to spent £1.10, I got:

  • Some sexy black chain
  • 1/2 meter of silver chain
  • Some keyring fobs - I haven't ever made keyrings, but I have the cutest green heart charms that would be purrrrrfect!
  • Two packs of round beads
  • 20 jumprings
  • 6 headpins
  • Two cute mushroom buttons
  • Some ladybug buttons

It was so fun, I always feel really inspired after a visit there. But anyway, the point I am trying to make is that finally, for the first time EVER, the woman behind the counter didn't seem to hate me! She usually gives me the death stare because I make her count out 20 or 30 jumprings at a time, and always complain when she hasn't got a baggy for them. But, today, she actually asked me what I was making with all my loot, so we even had a little chat.

Now I don't have to dread going there anymore :)

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