Sunday, 27 April 2008

Poor Little Man

What a weekend!

Firstly I made a plastercast of a rubber glove. I thought it would be great to use to display rings on when I find a craft show that is before December. It's taking a rather long while to dry, and there is an odd crack in one of the fingers, but it looks wicked, and I shall take a picture of it so you can gaze in wonderment at it's kitschy fabulousness!

Then my little cherub got taken ill. He has a funny tummy bog and an upper respiratory viral infection, his little cheeks are red as a pair of tomatoes and he is being sick all the time. It was our first visit to the hospital with him since he was born and it was terrifying. He is alright now, finally, finally sleeping soundly, bless his little cotton socks (well, sock. I haven't managed to keep a pair of socks on him all day yet without one going missing, I'm sure he eats them when I am not looking.

The website creation is going well. We have set a launch date for the 1st of September. My computer-whiz Dad is fiddling with it daily, it's starting to look very professional! See, right now, if you type in you'll come to this blog, and the only sales outlet is Etsy, which you have to be a member to purchase from. But the new website will allow everyone with a credit card or paypal account to purchase twinklyspangle creations! It's all very exciting, but a lot of work. I need take loads of new pics of my stuff, as well as create 20 lines for the website to launch with. I'll keep you updated with the progress!

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