Friday, 25 April 2008

Sticker Sticking

Yesterday I walked down to the print shop in the pouring rain, and picked up my fab new stickers!

Aren't they cute? The guy in the shop was really nice too, I forgot to take the raincover for my fatty's pram, and they gave me a carrier bag to cover up his poor little wet leggies. I felt really bad, but Ramsey was just giggling at me fussing over him, he is such a little rascal! So, when we got home I made up an earring card:

What do you think? They will probably be on black card in the end, but I thought this was a good example because the colours all matched. I couldn't resist sticking a few stickers around town either, so I'll be waiting to stem the huge flow of traffic I am expecting from this wicked marketing plan!

1 comment:

Alexandra said...

I like the green card. It looks good.

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