Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Oh Thank You.

How long is your hair? Mine to officially too long. I look like a Romany Gypsy. I am trying to experiment with hairstyles but they have quite a specific set of requirements. They must not include backcombing (because I can never get tangles out) they have to hide my parting (because I don't wash my hair every day - eek) and they kinda have to include plaits, because buns and ponytails just end up knotted. No, I don't know why I have such uncooperative hair either.

I can't fishtail braid, although I keep watching tutorials. If anyone wants to come to my house and fishtail braid my hair, I'll make you a free necklace. Serious.

Anyway, I was reading I Go By Katie, who is so classy and interesting, and she always recommends a Weekend Read. This weekends was Carrie of WishWishWish who I had never heard of but seems to be quite big in the blogging community. I'm so behind the times! She's adorable, her outfits are to die for, and she posting this super-easy tutorial on heidi plaits. Love it! Plus, she's in the UK.

Here's my attempt:

Sorry, awful picture I know, I had to let my dear camera go this weekend as we are having various money worries and I can't justify having such an expensive one when things are so...tight. I'll be getting another one (second hand darling, it's all the rage, don't you know) soonish. This is definitely going to overtake the Side Plait as my most favouritest hairstyle.

I'm wearing this twinklyspangle necklace today:

I think it looks fun with my cosy grey jumper. Snap one up here in my shop.

Katie x


Cariadclay said...

:) I love it!

and I can do fishtails :P

Erika Price said...

Great hairstyle - almost Jane Austen - feminine and sophisticated! My hair is long shoulder length or at least it reaches the middle of my back if I put my head right back!!!! Now, why did I write that? Unfortunately I can't help you with the fishtails :)

Anonymous said...

super pretty hair :)

Poshyarns said...

I am not offering to come and fishtail your hair as I had forgotten all about the fact that I couldn't do that plait and now this post has re-awakened an obsessive need to master it!

But I did want to say that I recently came across your blog and work and just love all your colourful pieces.

Dotty said...

Heidi plaits really suit you. (Can't help with hair styles as mine is short!)

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