Sunday, 23 January 2011

Feather Tattoo Story

I finally had my peacock feather tattoo redone for the third time. I know, I know. Getting a tattoo is a lifetime commitment and you shouldn't enter into it lightly. Boy, have I learnt that lesson!

I originally got this feather done on a bit of a whim at Aces High Tattoos Wootton Bassett:

I thought it looked a bit like a crows feather, which doesn't seem very lucky to me. So I had it covered over as a peacock feather. Yes, I am wearing the same skirt, it's just a coincidence! Work done at Blue Gorilla Tattoos Hemel Hempstead.

I still wasn't happy. I felt it ended too abruptly, so I went back to Blue Gorilla to the same artist to extend it slightly. Sorry for the crappy picture.

I feel much happier with it now and have given some details of what I want done next, I want a scroll with some text from a favourite song up my other side.

Moral of the story: Think SERIOUSLY before you get any work done about what you want. Getting random tats can only lead to annoyance and painful cover-ups in the future x



Sugarplum Kawaii said...

Tats eh?

At least your feather is now how you like it (-;

I have a friend who has the Star-ship Enterprise tattooed under her armpit! Boldly going where no man has gone before!! I ask you!

Cariadclay said...

ooh it's lovely :)

Lorna May said...

it amazes me how they cover up previous tattoos.
Thirds time lucky :o)
it is lovely.

I always forget got mine til i lean over and my toddler tries to kiss it (a fairy on my back)
{Dab and dash.}

Anonymous said...

i need your help. i came across your blog by literally googling "what can i cover a feather tattoo with?"

when my sister passed away suddenly, i got a few "random tats". one of them was the words "lighter than air" on my hip. the guy who did it wasnt very good and the ink smudged, leaving a faint blu-ish outline all around the words. i went to a better artist who covered it with a feather pretty well. however, i think because the feather has less significance to me (and also cause it kinda looks like pubic hair) and is slightly uneven and wispy to cover the smudged words, i am once again very irked by it. i do part time modeling while i am in school so i really cant stand looking at my body like this. sometimes i wonder what would have happened if the guy didnt mess up the words, would i be complete

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