Thursday, 27 January 2011

Things I Never Knew I Loved

How did you discover Etsy? I found it through now defunct (well, she's been on hiatus for forever) site, OneGoodBumbleBee. Just one of those random surfing things. Finding Etsy opened up not just a whole new business for me, but a whole world of things I never knew I could adore so much.

I didn't know these things existed....

...and now I love them lots and lots :-)

1. Bakers Twine from InspireLovely
2. Rough Diamond Ring from AurumJewelry
3. Coconut Marshmallows from Sweettreatsbakery
4. Glassine Bags by KnotandBow

What pretties have you discovered?

Katie x


artangel said...

Ooh I love your picks! I could (and do) spend hours browsing all the gorgeous things on etsy - at the moment I'm drooling over some vintage keys and spoons, as well as those glassine bags you pictured!

KitzieG said...

So true! There's lots of things I never would have known existed if it weren't for Etsy!
I've just favourited some of your picks - lovely selections!

Dotty said...

A lovely friend told me about Etsy. I love the variety and making new discoveries

Nadine said...

I found Etsy by browsing for crochet patterns. Gorgeous picks! Love the twine.

Erika Price said...

Great finds - especially those marshmallows!

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