Friday, 19 November 2010

Customizable Cupcake Toppers - {DIY}

Today I'm sharing this sweet tutorial for making cupcake toppers to fit in with any party theme you can dream up :-)

You will need:
  • Cardstock in a co-ordinating colour to your party decor
  • Skewers
  • Wire cutters
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Stickers

I didn't have any little cocktail sticks, so I used barbeque skewers and chopped off the blunt end with wire cutters. If you do this too, you'll find that the wood splinters a little, but don't worry as that end will be covered up. Or you could use cocktail sticks, that woud probably be better!

Make a fold about 2 inches wide. The width will be just slightly longer than your little flags, so you can try different sizes if you want a different effect. I've used a candy-lilac textured cardstock.

Cut deep triangles into the fold. I tried to keep the triangles all the same size, but I didn't measure it out first, I think this gives them a fun, crafty look.

Now you can stick your stickers to the flags. Don't go too close to the fold, you'll see why in a minute. I used puffy stickers in sweet florals and hearts for a 3D effect. I love the idea of creating a tiny scene on each one, perhaps with green flags and dinosaur stickers, or black flags and rocket stickers! The great thing is that you can easily use the flags again, most stickers just peel off after.

Put a huge blob of glue over the fold on your opened-up flag and a teeny smidge on the point. Place your skewer about a third of the way up and fold your flag over, making sure that the points meet. Press down firmly.

I've actually used a glue stick here, which dries quite quickly anyway, but for a firmer hold, especially if your cakes are going to be handled by littlies, you could use PVA. You'll need to hold the flags together somehow while they dry. I've used my handmade heart peggies, but paperclips would work just as well.

Now pop them into your cakes! I have also used the same technique for skewer flags to hold my homemade burgers and sandwiches together.

I hope you liked this tutorial today, feel free to leave a comment, I always read the blogs of my commenter's.

Have a lovely, warm evening.


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