Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Calling UK Crafters

I've been working on a great promotional opportunity for UK-based creative microbusiness. Is this you?
  • You have a Folksy or Etsy shop where you sell handmade products
  • You are based in the UK
  • You plan to be involved in your business for at least a year
This might be a great chance for you!

Here is the plan. I am producing a pack of playing cards, in the traditional size and form. There are 54 cards in the pack. As you can see from the example below, each card has a large space in the middle of the face card. This is where your advertisement will go. There are a few options:
  • Include a logo and your web address
  • A product image (preferably with a clear white background that will look good in a vertical fashion)
Because of the shape of the available space, your web address is likely to look it's best along the side of your image.

Here is what you will get if you decide to get involved:
  • Your choice (on a first come, first serve basis) of which card you would like your image to be included on
  • 19 packs of cards. If you don't want the full allocation I will be happy to distribute any extra at craft fairs. I do about 10 craft fairs a year.
  • A feature on my blog, including an interview.
Here are some questions that I have had so far:

Why would I want to be involved?

Traditional paid advertising is usually for a defined period of time. This is necessary to keep blogs and pages fresh. With this project, your advert will be seen again and again. Not just by the person who owns the cards, but everyone who plays with them! As the cards are based on a traditional pack, they will be kept in peoples houses and brought out for games for months to come. As your web address is directly ON the card, they will always be able to visit your site if they like your advert. This is why it's important that you plan to be in business for a while. We don't want the pack to full of dead links.

What will happen to the packs once they are produced?

Each advertiser will be distributed a number of packs. You can give them out at craft fairs, pop them into packages (although be aware this will slightly increase your postage charges, so might be a good option for your repeat customers only), take a few packs to your local pub, give them out with birthday presents, take them to your local handmade gift store and ask them to give them out. Over the next few months I'll be posting a variety of ways you can give them out, so stay tuned.

How much will it cost?

The cost will be £49. This includes the cost of producing the packs, postage to each person taking part, and specially designed boxes for each pack.

I own a business that isn't crafty. Can we sponsor a card?

Right now I have a list of over 60 people interested in this project. I'd rather fill the pack with crafty businesses only.

What about supplies?

UK based supply sellers are welcome.

Why am I the right person to run this project?

I have been involved in other large scale craft promotions before, including Handm@de craft fairs and The Diary Project. I have qualifications in both Business and Marketing, and I have been involved in the craft community for three years. I currently have the time and knowledge to make this a great promotional opportunity.

What about the backs of the cards?

There will be a short application form to fill in, before any payment is taken or images need submitting. The form has a few survey questions, including whether sponsors would prefer a generic or designed card back. The back image needs to be identical on each pack. I will welcome anyone who would like to take on the challenge of designing this, and they will receive a credit on the box.

When would you need my image/payment?

Here is the time frame for this project:

17th November - Detailed blog post and email to all interested crafters directing them here. From this point I will be sending out the short application forms to anyone interested in taking part.

17th December - Deadline for applications.

18th December - Information on how your payment will be spent, how to pay, your provisional card and image resolution and size information sent out.

15th January - Deadline for payment. Once your payment is received you will receive a short questionnaire for your blog interview.

30th January - Deadline for interviews. Once your interview is received you will be informed when your interview will be published. I will chose images from your shop to compliment your business.

15th February - Deadline for final image. I can provide some help if you need it on resolutions and images to use.

20th February - I will send all the information to the printers. There is a 6 week turnaround on the packs.

You can expect to receive your packs by the end of March, in time for Easter craft fairs and promotions.

I want to be involved. What do I do now?

If you have emailed me and registered your interest already, sit tight. I'll be sending out the short applications over the next few days. Otherwise you can leave your email address in the comments of this post, or you email me at

I know, it's an odd email address. But it's the one that goes straight to my phone, so I can reply instantly to any questions that you might have.

You are not committing to anything until you have paid, so don't worry!

Follow my blog to keep up-to-date with infomation and to see who else is getting involved!

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Lorna May said...

Love this amazing idea.
Does the picture HAVE to be vertical?
{Dab and a dash.}

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