Sunday, 22 August 2010

Peacock Feather Tattoo

I tweeted about getting my tattoo redone on Friday, and it's finally healed a little and I can show you what I had done. I originally got the feather done a few months ago, but I was unhappy with how grainy it looked, and also, it seemed a bit...crow-like...

So even though it hurt like hell to have it done the first time, I braved a different tattooist to have it turned into something a little more feminine. The tattooist suggested a peacock feather, and I really liked the idea, but I wasn't sure about how big it would end up.

He filled over some new black lines to get rid of the graininess, I was ok at first but had to have a bit of a break after the black and green was done...

Then he filled in the eye and put some beautiful blue and orange tones in, as well as highlighting with purple

I'm still thinking I might like the middle of the stalk either black or purple...but I think it looks lots more feminine now, it's just going to take a little getting used to! It's not healed yet so there is a little bit of hard skin on the eye which you might just be able to see - tattoos can be icky.
So I am happier, I'm just an even more painted lady than I was!

1 comment:

SimJaTa said...

oh my, brings tears to my eyes just watching.
As loathed as I am to cause you more pain I do agree about the stalk, you brave soul you.


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