Monday, 23 August 2010

Fussy Toddler Monday - Quesadillas

My name is twinklyspangle, and my toddler is the fussiest eater ever!

I'm starting a new weekly blog feature, where I'll share a quick, easy recipe that I have had success with that week. I'm always trying new things for my little treasure, and I'm super-excited about sharing some recipes with you..

This week, Sweetcorn Quesadillas...

Tortilla breads (two per person)
Leftover cheeses that you have hanging about
Tin of sweetcorn (or other veg of your choice. Mushrooms work well)
Salad to serve
Layer up your cheeses and sweetcorn. I had some mozzarella hanging about that was a bit spongy to eat raw, and some Cheddar. Your little one can help you arrange your filling on the tortilla. I've sprinkled mine with a bit of paprika too,

Heat up your butter until it foams, and then turn the heat right down to the second lowest setting. Place your topped tortilla in the pan and top with the second bread. Keep a close eye on it. You can lift a teeny corner to see the colour underneath. It should be ready to two or three minutes. I use this time to chop the salad. When it's the golden colour above, flip. I lost a few bits of sweetcorn when I flipped mine!

Wait for the other side to turn a similar colour, and then turn out on to a plate. Slice into wedges with a pizza cutter and leave to cool slightly. Serve with salad that your little one loves.
I like to make these with ham, sweetcorn, pepperoni, bacon, shredded chicken, avocado, sliced tomato, pretty much anything that can go on a pizza! He will usually eat two or three wedges and I munch one myself as a snack. Let me know if you try it or have any great links or recipes for me to try in the future.
Have a great day!
Katie x

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