Thursday, 5 August 2010

Me No Like Dinosaur Now Mummy

We went on a fun day out to the Natural History Museum in London was such a fun day for my little dinosaur loving guy!

I bought this cute lollipop from the museum shop...and Ramsey had one that said 'Pollution Stinks' - so adorable.

Apparently this is an 'Albertasaurus'. I love the shadows that the bones make on the wall.

Stegosaurus...awesome because of it's funny teeny little head.

AArrggg! Teeth!

Iguanadon...from below.

I think Ramsey had a great time, although it was super busy as it's the summer holidays. Might avoid large touristy attractions from the rest of the summer holidays, I had a pounding headache by the end. I loved all the rocks and diamonds though, my absolute favourite bit. I touched a meteorite! From space! It was awesome :-)
Stay tuned later today for an update including a whole bunch of new earrings in my Folksy shop.
Have a beautiful day...
Katie x

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