Thursday, 5 August 2010

India Hoop Earrings - new, fabulous & colourful!

So happy to show you a whole range of colourful and spangly (yay! I used my favorite word!) earrings that I have just finished adding to the shop. They are made with miniature (4cm) versions of those jangly Indian bangles that come in every colour under the sun...I love them for these reasons:
  • They are SUPER light. There were a few extra hoops in colours that just occurred once, so I saved them for myself. (hey, you got to have some perks, right?) and you can't even feel that you are wearing them!
  • The colours are perfect for next seasons cute outfits that are showing up in the shops now
  • I've made some awesome earring cards, but you'll have to wait and see when you buy a pair what they are :-)
  • I scored an incredible bargain for the supplies, which means they are all for sale at a bargainous £4 a should probably snap a set up.

Clockwise from top, clickable link takes you directly to Folksy (£):

Happy shopping!

Katie x

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