Friday, 6 August 2010

♥ Dinosaur Love ♥

I'm in the most dinosaury of moods this week. Thinking about when I was younger and I used to collect every issue of DINOSAUR! magazine and it had the most awesome model of a T-REX that you collected every week and built the skellington and then the cool :-)

I thought I would take a bit of a dinosaur theme for my Folksy Friday this week, and I found some super-awesome stuff. I'm finding more and more that handmade goods on Folksy are of a better and better quality. It's amazing for the UK Handmade scene ♥

This cute lil' fellow is wearing a sweet 'saurus shirt by nickynackynoo, and it's only £10, she has a bunch more cute shirts for boys aswell - it's so hard to find awesome boy stuff so I'm bookmarking this one!

I'm defintely throwing Ramsey a dinosaur themed party for his 3rd birthday! This cute invitation is by little bulldog designs

I couldn't believe it when I saw this fabulous walnut ring of a Stegasaurus. Lost At Sea has a completely gorgeous range of beautiful walnut and veneer pieces, I really like the swallow brooch too.

Finally, I couldn't resist this funny dinosaur cushion, would be so sweet in a little boys room. It's by Pickles Accessories.

Have a prehistoric day!

Katie xx

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Rowan | KitschenSink said...

Ah yes my friend got me a lost at sea pin for my birthday from Craftacular!

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