Tuesday, 27 July 2010

What's On The Drying Rack?

Hello. The internet is still not fixed at home so I've walked 1.2 miles with my laptop to hook myself up with a little bloggage :-)

I've had a fun week. Since I am now officially redundant, my company took everyone out for a slap-up meal and day out in London. Heard of Gilgamesh? No, I hadn't either, but their cocktails are to die for. I had one of these babies...

It's nearby to:

I'm not usually a fan of unusual food, I'm a roast dinner kinda gal, but I had the most delicious lamb;

That green stuff is chive mash...yum :-)

And what's this? Could it be a sneaky peek of something I am working on? How did THAT get here?

Have a beautiful day :-)

Katie x

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