Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Fun times with littleman

I used to love doing art when I was little...my Gran had this old biscuit tin full of scraps of tissue paper and wrapping paper and sweet wrappers and I used to make these amazing collages of clowns and houses and horses.

I really want my little boy to love making and creating art with me, but he has a really short attention span and I find it hard to get him engaged in anything than splattering paint everywhere. We have paint on our sofa, on our walls and all over his toys. Never mind, I suppose I should be grateful that he is expressing himself in such an exuberant way!

I did manage to get him exciting about potato printing though. I cut out four stamps in a dodgy star, a surprisingly perfect heart, a crappy square and a pointy triangle. We then stamped to our little hearts content on a huge piece of paper - what fun!

We had so much fun, I love my little guy so much, and Grandpa was especially pleased to receive a torn off section gifted to him by the little fellow himself!

I'd love to hear about your crafty, arty suggestions for toddlers :)


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Bigbluebed said...

Bubble printing! I cannot remember if you need glue as well or just paint. But you fill a bowl (preferably square ) with water add some washing up liquid. Give the child a star and tell them to blow. When there are lots of bubbles squirt some paint on top (or maybe you blow the bubbles now?). Then you can place a piece of paper on top smooth it down a bit, and then peel it off. you have a bubble print.

As you can tell I cannot quite remember it all perfectly. But I am sure you can experiment.

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