Saturday, 4 April 2009

Handm@de - The Big Day

Wow, what a day!
I'm really tired, so this will just be a short entry - we have just ordered a takeaway (it's a post craft-fair tradition!) and about to watch a film to try and unqind, I've been so tense about this fair, I'm so relieved it all went fabulously!
We had a queue out of the door by 10.45, and over 600 people came through the door. The fair was organised by lazygiraffe (Deepa), MomentsbyMartha (Becci), Snapdragonbeads (Alice) and me!

Here is a fab shot of my table - I was really happy with it and my stuff looked really bright and cheery.

And here is me and Deepa with lovely Liz from Etsy, who was in the country and came by to chat to sellers and have a browse!

Now, I am off to chillax, and not think about crafting for a few hours (finally!) I'll update tomorrow with more photos of the fair and what I purchased.


Anonymous said...

Was great to meet you, it was a really good day. :)

niftyknits said...

See? I told you it'd be fine! Your table looks lovely, hope you came away with loads and loads of dosh!

Fabric Nation said...

Thanks too for all your work. It was lovely to meet you and I really enjoyed the day.

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