Monday, 30 March 2009

Bag Stuffing For Handm@de

Well, yesterday was quite a day! Deepa from Lazygiraffe Jewellery and Becci from MomentsByMartha arrived at my house at around 11 for some hardcore bag-stuffing action for the Handm@de Craft Fair at the weekend. Lots of Etsy, Dawanda and Folksy sellers have sent in some fabulous samples, you can have a look at my flickr photostream as I have photographed everything that's come in.

Anyway, we stuffed 200 bags with business cards, samples and promotional items, and they are now all nicely tucked into a corner in my living room. Becci made a lovely risotto and I fell off the diet wagon to munch a home-made scone with clotted cream, yum!

Here we are doing the deed, although Becci has managed to escape being in any photos which is annoying!

Good luck to everyone making their preparations this week! Sue from QuercusSilver did a fabulous blog post reminding me of the whole bunch of things that I have yet to do for Saturday!

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