Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Beautiful Goodies!

I've caught up today on pretty much everything! A long old slog with the camera means I have uploaded four brand new designs that I debuted at Handm@de Cambridge to my Etsy shop. A few people asked me about whether my Pretty Little Rings were suitable for titchy hands - they ARE adjustable but it gave me the idea to make up these fab hairclips with some bobbypin blanks I had knocking about. I sold a few pairs at the fair, and now they are listed here on Etsy! I've got an obsession with cute little scenes in cameo settings right now, and I had these brassy findings. I wasn't happy with the finished result until I added a vintage brass rose charm to each one, now they are fabulous (buy one here) and I think I may even wear one to work tonight. Do you wear your own stuff? The luscious Niftyknits and I generally hawk about telling people they should do it, but I know sometimes it's hard to have confidence in your own stuff. I made a rule a while ago - If I wouldn't wear it, I won't sell it. Therefore, you'll see my personal style reflected in all my recent pieces! I especially love wearing my own earrings as they are such fun to fiddle with!

Some more lovely cameo settings, and these cute brass heart stampings were crying out to be made into Twinklyspangle pieces. I love the heart detailing around the edge, and have made these into cute delicate necklaces with tiny ball chain and giant cameo rings with an adjustable brass ring blank.

I went swimming this morning! You may or may not know if you follow me on Twitter that I am trying to lose a stone before June. I used to be super-skinny, before I popped out the bairn, and I just don't feel happy at my current weight of 11st 4lb. I started The Diet three weeks ago when I weighed 11st 10lb, but pigged out at the weekend so I should have lost 7lb but I have only lost 6. I do have a tendency to obsess over the scales, weighing myself after every meal. So we don't have scales in the house anymore, but once a week I go along to the electric scale in Boots and see whether I've lost any. The swimming is a new thing. I bought a cheap Primarni swimming cossie and went down there, it's £5 for 5 swims this month, so I WILL go 5 times now I have paid for it. I managed 8 lengths!!

I know a few people who have met me have said I don't need to lose weight, but I'm not going mental over it I just want to feel trim and healthy again. No more cakes for me!

Anyway, I'm sure you are almost falling asleep by now, so I'll ring off. I have work tonight...we are running an incentive to win bottles of wine, Easter eggs and DVD's. I'm thinking a nice bottle of wine would go down well with my made-from-scratch spaghetti bolognase.
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