Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Finally - all those half-finished pieces...

...are done!!

I had a day to myself today, as I finally got some money out of working tax credits so didn't feel guilty sending my little fellow to nursery and have spent the day watching girlie films (27 Dresses & Sex & The City) and finishing off the massive stash of stuff I had drying, finishing, sanded, sitting around, generally looking messy:

Bow necklaces in a rainbow of colours! I made these using a special technique involving hardening the fabric ribbon and letting it dry to a firm finish. I have them with black, silver and gilt chains in pink, red, purple, blue, teal, green & yellow! These will go on my website, but right now I'm keeping them aside for the craft fair in Cambridge in a week and a half - they are going to look gloriously colourful on my stall, and hopefully will be great sellers!

Bronze Garden Necklace. I only have enough of the antiqued rose charms to make two of these. Again, these will debut at my stall at Handm@de.

This is my all new Hearts & Flowers range of necklaces and rings. I'll be showing these at the craft fair too, after which the whole range, including some matching earrings will be available across all of my shops (after April 4th).
So, I'm pretty proud of what I have done today. I have also ordered some stands for displaying on my stall. I'm bushed! I have to get ready for work now - another evening of selling holidays and avoiding the piles of chocolate biscuits that sit around the office. My diet is going well, I started last Sunday and I have lost 4lb! Pretty much the most I've ever managed to lose through dieting. I just ate three apples though. I'm hungry all the time, which is making me a bit tired, but I am eating enough, and plenty of fruit, veg and grains. I would love to drop a stone by the summer, which I should do if I carry on at this level.
Hope you are having a lovely day, and don't forget we are still doing free shipping and exclusive pieces over at
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