Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Busy Bumblebee

Well, I had 8 entries to my Confession contest, but there can only be five winners!! So I picked the names out of a cup (sorry, it was all I had on hand - I'm not really a hat wearer!!)

The winners of the earrings are:

Crafty Koala
Decorate The Diva

Email me your address to and I'll send the earrings out with the next post!

So, aside from wearing cups on my head, what else have I been up to at Twinklyspangle Towers? Well, my diet is going well, although I did pig out on a jammy crumpet (no butter) a second ago. I also had Italian for lunch but don't tell Mr. Twinklyspangle because he won' let me eat cakes later.

I've also been working hard on promoting my website, We are doing free shipping over there right now, but not for much longer because. *drumroll* the local paper are going to do a little feature on me!! They have just been round and taken a photo of me holding loads of jewellery and wearing some necklaces and stuff - and they will conclude the interview tomorrow. All very exciting, although I'll probably look like a berk in the photo, I'm not very photogenic. I'm also building up stock for my various craft fairs and working on stuff for Handm@de Cambridge, our first Handm@de fair this year, on the 4th of April at the Cambridge Guildhall. I'll be previewing a bunch of new Afternoon Tea necklaces and rings, as well as a Bow range that have just rolled off the drying rack. I've been working on this technique for a while, to stiffen up some ribbon and make necklaces out them. I've finished a batch, but they won't be in my usual shops. They'll be on my website and also at my fairs, after that I may add them to Etsy and Folksy, but you, lovely blog readers, deserve to see them, so I took this preview photo;

This is a deep jewely purple with a gilt chain. I've also got seagreen on a silver chain and a hot pink on black chain. I may go for a burnt orange on an antique copper chain as well, what do you think? Do you like them? Bows are definitely hip right now, I'm seeing them everywhere, so I really hope these will do well at the fairs.

Anyway, I have to go and get ready for work now, I work in the evenings in a holiday call centre. It's aright but I end up drinking too much coffee and getting all jittery. Couldn't sleep last night at all worrying about craft show displays, money and my little boy not eating. I need a holiday to relax and unwind!!

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