Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Confession & A Contest

I am a terrible person. I have a confession. (Sign the 'fession! Bonus points if you know what advert this is from!!)

When I was pregnant I joined Babyworld. I signed up for Secret Stork. I received a very cute little white cardi. I didn't send anything out.

I know, I'm awful. I didn't rectify the situation after the birth of my son. In fact, I haven't been back to Babyworld. In case a line of angry women with pitchforks attack me.

So I would like to send a huge apology to the poor, pregnant woman who did not get a gift in the mail. If it was you, please accept my deepest, most sincere sorries. Anyway, I just thought I would publically apologise to the poor lady and hope that somewhere she is living a happy life full of lovely mail days.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this, as this sort of thing normally stays shamefully in the back of a persons mind. But I need to relinquish myself of sin because I've just joined Swap-Bot and I'm sooooo excited about it!! I would like to point out that I have taken part in swaps since that successfully. I'm not a complete flaker. I have just signed up to three swaps, Pimp My Postcard, Stickers, Stickers, Stickers, Stickers and Kawaii Penpal March. I will most certainly put my all into these and I love making up packages to send.

I also love receiving excellent mail, and I didn't think that my postman was weighed down enough with the daily packages that are arriving for http://www.handmadecraftfairs.co.uk/ (seriously, the guy hates me)

So, in order to honour the occasion, I'm holding a little contest. I have a pair of cute cherry earrings for every person who tells me a secret about themselves that they haven't aired on the Internet before. I have a maximum of 5 pairs of earrings to giveaway - should more people enter than I have earrings, I'll everyones names in a container (it won't be a hat. Hats don't suit me) and pick out five winners. I'll announce the winners here and if you use a username that links back to your blog, I'll contact you and ask for an address to send the earrings to. Simple!

You have until Thursday evening to get confessing!!


niftyknits said...

Well I can tell you that the ad is, of course, for haribo. that little girl is GORGEOUS, that is an ad I actually look up from my knitting to watch!

hmmm, a secret?

teehee, just thought of a silly one. the woman over the road put a shoe rack out with her rubbish last week...and I snuck across the road and took it before the binmen arrived.

*is a naughty shoe-rack nicker*

will that do?

QuiltLover said...

Nice Blog, nice confession, beautiful store and talented Artist!

You want a secret Secret? I would eat Cheesecake for Breakfeast, Lunch & Supper if I could. I am addicted to it!

Thankfully I don't have too much of it in the house or I'd weigh a ton!

Decorate the Diva said...

I just purchased 7 pairs of shoes from bakersshoes.com after a glass of wine. (Only two were on sale)
SSSSSHHHHHHH ... my husband doesn't know and I don't know how I'll hide them from him. (Giggles)
Hello my name is Renee and I have a shoe addition!

Tamra said...

I have a secret - it's a sad one. My sister is getting a divorce. I know it won't be a secret for long but she doesn't want anyone to know yet. :(

Heather Leigh said...

I love Justin Timberlake. There, I said it. =)

Digital Misfit said...

I photoshop the few pics of me that can be found online so nobody will see my scars.

marieisabella said...

Hi there!

well I was in a training class for my job and they were having some games for fun and they gave out little prizes, well there were two people who sat in my row and they were talking about this little monkey that they wanted, I didn't get to see the monkey and I won and went to pick out a prize, well it was really cute so I hid it in my hand and stuck it in my purse when I got to my seat. WELL I had no idea it would be such a big deal, the guy that wanted it, kept searching for it, and I felt awful. After all the prizes were given out and the monkey still didn't show up, everyone in the class figured it was missing. No one stopped talking about the missing monkey and I was too embarrassed to confess to it!!
I plan to stick it on his desk randomly one day when the issue is over and make my peace with it:)

Marie Isabella

Crafty Koala said...

Oh cute earings :-D.

Well my secret is that when I was 6 I wet myself whilst making my promise at brownies. In my defence I was living in a small village in Devon at the time, the toilet was outside and it was dark. However, my mum telling me not to cry over spilt milk afterwards didn't help!


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