Wednesday, 4 March 2009

More Tea Vicar?

I slept until 12 today! My son is at nursery and I am off work - valuable sleeping catch up time! I'm also having a massive spring clan this week, today I am targeting the kitchen, including all the drawers that we tend to just throw stuff we don't want to look at in - eek.

I've just finished uploading the new necklaces to my website, If you want to purchase one (which, of course, you do) I highly recommend doing it through there. Not only is there an exclusive design, but it's also limited edition, I've only had the pieces to make a few of this design, so if you love it as much as I do, I'd snap one up fast!:

I'm also throwing in free goodies to celebrate the websites launch a few weeks ago, and there is free shipping!

OOhh that reminds me, I wanted to show you the final two pieces of my Cupcake Week challenge. Now, this was fun, but I don't think I'll be attempted it any time soon again - it feels like my teeth are about to fall out from all the sugar.

On Thursday, I made chocolate chip cupcakes:

Then, on Friday, I went all-out girly and made pink strawberry-flavoured butterfly cakes with pink glimmer sprinkles:
Now that the cupcake-making is complete, I'm concerntrating on actually getting the new range of products uploaded, which seems to be taking forever. Right now, long necklaces are available at Etsy, with exclusive designs (and free shipping!) at I have the most adorable cherrypop earrings to add today as well, but right now, those kitchen drawers are calling my name (in a rather ominous voice)

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