Saturday, 13 December 2008

Working times and a busy Christmas period

Things are really hotting up over at, I'm hitting a fabulous at-least-a-sale-a-day right now, which I'm thrilled about, and I hope other Folksyites are doing just as fabulously! Of course, everything comes at once because I've also come back to work, yes, real, live office work this week, scary or what? I've been working for the same holiday company for three years now, so it's all OK, I mean, I KNOW everyone, but I really miss my little boy who is being looked after by his Auntie, she is having him tonight though, because I feel like I'm going to keel over with tiredness right now. I swear I'm running solely on coffee and Quality Street (it's there time of year where there is also a tin parked somewhere in the office, right now it's directly next to me! I've already eaten all the county fudge ones)

So, as I say, it's been a busy busy week for orders and going to the post office, I've lost a parcel somewhere in the postal system so I'll be sending out a replacement for that with some extra goodies, because I can't stand it when that happens to me. I'm still waiting for a shipment from USA that I ordered nearly three weeks ago, with some bright green beads , some pendant vials and a fabulous set of filigree ring blanks that I have a bunch of gorgeous cabs for. I know it's nearly Christmas, but the Royal Mail needs to sort itself out. It's more of a kick in the teeth that their main sorting office for this region is two feet from the doors of my office.

My favorite new creation this week? This gorgeous cherry necklace which I made with giant, shiny red beads from my recent scouting mission in London - aren't they adorable! I've run out of black plated headpins for now, but hopefully if I can get over to my local craft store before Christmas I can list these in a bigger batch on my website. I also thought they would go well with my fruity earring range, so I knocked up a bit of a mosaic thingy for your personal viewing pleasure! Everything is available in both my shops, Etsy and Folksy, but the Cherry necklace is currently only available here.

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