Saturday, 20 December 2008

Christmas Rush

What fun! It's been a busy, Twinklyspangle pre-christmas season! I've been averaging a sale a day, and working hard to get packages out in time for Chrimble. I've had some lovely feedback from people on my packaging and the little free bits I've been throwing in over the festive period.

I'm thinking of changing my Etsy name to twinklyspangle. It makes sense really, I think it will make me easier to find for people who come from my flickr photostream or twitter or anywhere else on the web where I am twinklyspangle. It's just scary because I have 39 sales on Etsy now, and obviously, that will be reset to 0 if I change my name, and people will think I'm new. I'll also have to get my business cards re-printed. Maybe I should wait until I've given them all out.


I'm starting to get more in the spirit but I haven't finished my shopping yet, and I hate braving the crowds the last few days before Christmas. Not entirely sure what to get people, I know noone is expecting much this year because of the whole, credit crunch thing, but it's still nice for everyone to have something to open on Christmas morning.

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