Thursday, 4 December 2008

Shopping fun!

Evening all!

I've just purchased some last minute advertising on Since I am a bit stupid when it comes to timezones, I'm not exactly sure which hours I have gone for, but I've popped up my most fantastical Christmassy things, my Spangly Stocking Stuffers, and hope to get a few days before the end of December 5th, the final posting day for UK-America!!

I went shopping today in Swindon, at the Outlet Centre, and I went a bit loopy! My lovely nan bought me some fabulous leather boots for Christmas with a great heel and in a lovely burgundy colour, they are really the best bots ever, my old ones were getting really ratty after three years!! I also bought my little guy some awesome toys from Hamleys, the best toy store in the world. They sell bottles of bubbles 50cm high with a massive, million-bubble wand, and I love seeing Ramseys eyes lighting up when a stream of bubbles hit him. I also got the biggest pack of card from The Paper Mill, You get this box, and you get to fill it with paper and card. From a massive selection of sheeny, shiny, lineny, matt, thin, thick, mulberry, corrugated paper and card! I got a pack full of brightly coloured cardboard for my packaging over the next year! I'm planning two different colours every season up till next Christmas, when I will use the lovely silver and sheeny navy card. What a fun day!

Now, I am sitting up at 9.20pm on a very old laptop watching I'm a celebrity. The parents have gone to bed, the baby is in bed and I'm pretty bored. I may continue trying to read The Catcher In The Rye again but it's pretty hard going!

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