Monday, 29 December 2008

The Quickest Of Updates

Good evensong, lovely readers.

Just a few pieces of news, I finally found the most perfect-o circle punch on a trip to Hobbycraft at the weekend. I usually hate the place, I must confess. It tends to be full of people who want to start 'crafting' but are buying all the wrong things, or trying to find all the findings and beads to make an exact copy of a horrible five-strand seedbead monstrosity from a beading magazine. Or they buy those little kits with all the bits to make a picture frame or a purse whilst conveniently using no imagination whatsoever. Plus, everything is horribly expensive. The punch cost me £7.99 which was more than I have ever spent on punches, and I'll be honest, I have at least double figures. Still, it's perfect for the job, now if I could only find a way to stop shrink plastic from warping in the oven. Most of my pieces come out perfect but the occasion one comes out bubbled or cupped and generally annoys me with it's "waste of half-an hour colouring"-ness.

I'll have to go over to Berkhamstead to my regular, wonderful, Aladdin's cave of crafting fabulousness. They probably stuff the same amount of stuff in as Hobbycraft into a tenth of the space, and I love rifling around at the back of the shelves for things that haven't seen the light of day for 10 years. Plus, they are the only stockist I have been able to find of Frosted Shrink Plastic and the special bezels I like to make bracelets with.

I'm itching with creativity and ideas right now, I feel desperate to get going on a whole bunch of things I want to make and photograph and list - but I'm waiting for things to come through the post, and given that I live under the jurisdiction of the Royal Mail, I'm certain I'll be waiting a while.

I read today that hunger feeds creativity. Artists such as Michelangelo, Picasso and Van Gogh always worked on empty stomachs, artists were poor. Artists could not afford to eat, and that hunger drives your creative mind to help your situation. It was in a Stephen King book, so I'm not entirely sure of it's truth. I find I think and design best while I'm wandering about in the day, in town, waiting for the bus, whatever. I plan out what I am going to do, sometimes I then go home and make it in the evening, and occasionally it turns out alright. I do have a whole drawer full of things that haven't worked. I'll photograph it for you one day!!

This was a longer update than I had planned, but have a great evening!!

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