Saturday, 27 December 2008

It's over!

So, my belly is full enough of leftovers and mince pies to last me another whole year, and there is so much rubbish overflowing on the street from our uncollected bins that I'm pretty sure it's a health hazard - Christmas is over! Mine was alright, for once, I hope yours was too!

Now thoughts are turning to the new year, and what I will be launching! Here is what you can look forward to in January and February:
  • Fabulous valentine cameo necklaces mixing vintage and contemporary

  • Dazzling new hair slides

  • A new range of clashy, brightly coloured stretchy bracelets

  • Spangly rings for every finger

I'm so excited! I have some new supplies winging their way to me, probably hanging about in some mail sorting office somewhere - but I'm really inspired and excited after a fabulous Christmas season to carry on getting more successful throughout the year :)

I'll tell you what though, I'm back at work full time from January the 5th, which is going to put a strain on things. When we first had the baby, my little gorgeous bubba, I was convinced I would never want to go anywhere without him. He has had chicken pox over the holidays, and you know what? A week of sun, sea and relaxation without a screaming baby is starting to look mighty enticing. I don't think we can afford a proper holiday this year though. We have so much work to do on the house. I live in this little flat, it's two bedroom but very little spare space, especially since we bought the LARGEST COFFEE TABLE IN THE WORLD last week from Ikea. But we have an old crappy kitchen and a horrible eighties dining table and no carpet in our bedroom. When I get paid in January, I'm going to treat myself to some door handles, at least.

Look here for the most excited little bobba EVER on Christmas morning.

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