Wednesday, 12 November 2008

I spent most of the day yesterday relisting all the extra stuff I had leftover on Etsy, Folksy and on the website. Currently, there is no purchase system on my website, but if you want to purchase something that way, you can email my address, with the name of the items you wish to purchase, and I'll send you a paypal invoice.

Some fabulous new things I have listed recently:
I love these new designs! The bracelet is a one-off at the moment, I may make a cherry and tangerine version at some point, if I can hunt down some more round red beads with a teeny hole in the middle.

Another breakthrough this week, I finally, finally hunted down some vintage lucite swallow cabs to make these fabulous earrings:

I only have a small batch though, so snap up your pair here in dollars or here in sterling.
My little man started walking recently, and he is all over the place now! I can't leave him for a single second. He is so interested in stuff, and loves dogs and balloons. I love seeing his little personality developing. Right now, he is slumped over alsleep in his high chair, with a big bit of toast stuffed halfway in his mouth. I love that little ratbag <3.>

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