Monday, 10 November 2008

My First Craft Fair

I'm finally getting the chance to write up the craft fair I attended and took a part in organizing this weekend. We had a fabulous day!! Above you can see the stall holders setting up their wares, can you spot me? I'm next to the pottery guy in the bottom corner.

Here is my stall:

We have had some really lovely feedback (although I keep explaining to everyone it was pretty much all Becci - but the bit I was in charge of, the goody bags, went down a treat!!) and there is even talk of a Handm@de II in Spring, arrggg! My lovely boyfriend stood outside for most of the day in the rain:
I also met loads of fabulous people! It was all a bit tense at the start, with noone really knowing each other, but everyone got talking throughout the day and loads of people came and introduced themselves to me, including Stitchywoowoo and Bluecricket!

I also went round and had lovely chats with Kerry from Pennydog, Kate from Paperleaf, lovely Cloudhopping whose real name escapes me, but that doesn't matter because her stuff and stall were delish, Sue from Quercus Silver, who was fabulously fabulous, Purple Sparkle Craft's Mum (lovely!), Tina from Thecyclingartist and her fantastic paintings, Chichimoi who won the holiday raffle and whose stall was so beautifully lovely, Myaphrodite, whose jewellery was a thousand times more delicate and beautiful than I expected, LushLampwork, who gave me a brief but informative lesson on how glass beads are made, Handmadeheaven who's stand looked like something out of my WillyWonka dreams, BlueMarmalade/PureSoaps who sat next to me and borrowed my mirror, and lots of other people!!

We couldn't buy much, because our finances are pretty stretched at the moment. In fact, all we splashed out on is a soap, from Pure Soaps, and a brownie from Bunny and the Baker.

I would have loved to go mad and buy all my Christmas pressies, but I'll be going every craft fair I can between now and then, so I hope to be able to buy more stuff next time!! Overall, great day, successful organisation, lovely people and a very tired twinklyspangle at the end xx


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the mention, mya's stuff really was more delicate in real life wasn't it!

cloudhopping said...

so lovely to meet you, your stall looked so pretty!

Kate said...

Great to meet you on Sunday! Can't wait for the next one, yay! :)

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