Saturday, 22 November 2008

Cold Weather

Well, I'm freezing! Really cold here right now, it's going to snow today. I'm not the biggest fan of snow, to be honest. I know it's pretty at first, but making sure the baby is warm, the horrible slush, cold feet & hands, icy cars, all cancel the initial joy of the white stuff out, in my opinion.

I've been buying new supplies this week. Found these gorgeous cabs in a shop in town, 32 lovely spangly flowers. I'm thinking some gorgeous stud earrings if I embellish them a little, possibly a bracelet.

I went on a 'sourcing' mission to London earlier in the week, had a wander down the achingly trendy Brick Lane in Shoreditch. I love London, it always has a feeling of excitement and possibility. I found a fabulous little gallery selling hand made jewellery for a pretty penny, and I'm going to submit a portfolio. It's time to get my name out there. I know I have a talent, I just need to get people to know my brand, and create a fabulous collection to launch in January. The credit crunch is of course, affecting most of us in the handmade jewellery trade. Not many people have money for little luxuries. I know we are struggling to pay our heating bills this winter. I keep seeing things on TV, "How to look glam on a budget" that kind of thing. It's not great for those of us that pride ourselves in making original pieces when all over the media people are being encouraged to cut back, buy cheap. I think the important thing is to stand out, to create things that people think about after they have closed the window. Everyone needs to loosen up a little this winter, and treat yourself to something twinkly and spangly :)

Do you have a little girl to buy for? How about a specially tailored 'Swaggy Baggy'? Currently priced at only $10 (that's around £6!!) You'll get 5 gorgeous pieces of twinklyspangle loveliness. You can specify if you don't want earrings for pierced ears, or if your little treasure (or you!) would prefer all PINK goodness in your baggy, a perfect stocking stuffer!

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