Saturday, 18 October 2008

Various tragedies

Finally, a moment of peace! What with the craft fair, the boy starting to walk, a rather stressful few weeks due to various other personal pressures, I feel like I haven't had a chance to sit down and do anything. However, I have been taking part in two lots of 365. Firstly, Crafting 365 sees me taking a photo of my crafting life every day for a year! So far, I'm on day 8, I think, and I have had a number of tragic things happen to the pieces I am working on. I think it would be easier if I showed you:

I coloured the first batch, and then shrunk them before realising that I hadn't punched holes in them!! So, I think then I varnished the second batch, I wasn't quite a careful as I usually am, and it serves me right, really, because the lacquer went totally cloudy and I had to pick it all off with a razorblade. Currently, the roses are in the top of my wardrobe having a little rest. I've put three very thin coats of varnish on them but I'm too scared to use the lacquer again. Grr!
I'm also doing a personal self-portrait 365, which I'll post when I get to a months worth, but you can also check it out on my Flickr stream.
I'm gearing up now for the Christmas rush. I've bought some new gift boxes, packaged loads of stuff up, got my wrapping and tissue supplies sorted. So, when the orders roll in I can get stuff out efficient and quickly :) I'm hoping that the craft fair really does something for my exposure as well. I've got my card in all the goody bags, and I'll be handing more of my cards and promo things out at my stand. I'm so excited!! Photos next week of the preparation for the craft fair.


Jennifer Rose said...

Looking forward to your self-portrait 365. Always neat to see all the pictures people think up.

Shame about your roses. The break might help you think of how to fix them

Kate said...

TAG, you're it!
You've been tagged to share 7 random facts about yourself! See my blog for the details/rules.

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