Monday, 6 October 2008

Where does all my time go?

So, firstly, I thought I would include this fabulous picture of my Summer '08 range of jewellery. It's been colourful, plastic, kitsch and a little bit rock, exactly what I was hoping for from my first collection. Some pieces have flown off in jet planes to new homes, ears, wrists & necks, but a few pieces are still available to purchase here in dollars or here in pounds sterling!

Although I still plan to continue establishing myself as the Shrink Plastic Queen, it's time to move on from Edible and into my winter range, which I plan to preview here, on the 1st of November, just in time for the Craft Fair in Oxford.
So, I hope everyone is keeping nice and toasty warm as the nights get colder, how much do you have having to get up in the morning when the windows are all steamed up and the floor looks a million miles away? I hate getting up, let alone getting up when it feels like the Arctic has invaded my bedroom. This credit crunch business has to stop. All future purchases from twinklyspangle will be going towards keeping my flat warm over winter!

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