Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Camera Woes

Unbelievably, I have managed to wreck two digital cameras in the space of approximately one week. Firstly, the old Nikon Coolpix had an accident with the baby and the lens smashed. Then, I spent £100 bloody quid on a brand new Kodak Easyshare, only to have the lens go crappy on me. It won't retract and it won't turn on and I don't know what to do! I can't afford another one right now, I'm skint for the rest of the month as it is. I'm going to try and take it back tomorrow but they may notice some slight cosmetic damage to the casing and not take it back, in which case I am screwed!!

I hate digital cameras. I have an old snappysnaps one I got free with a cereal box, and if you could still buy film for it, it would still work despite being in the sea, being dropped, stepped on thrown about.

Grr. Please feel free to donate your spare digital cameras to me.

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