Saturday, 9 August 2008

Shrink Plastic Joy & Busy, Tired Times

Here I am at work on Saturday, basically the only time in the week when I have the time to post a full blog entry.

First, BIG twinklyspangle news! You will no longer be able to access my blog through or instead these sites now lead to the draft version of my new website. The website will be ready to fully launch on September 1st 2008. Until then you'll probably see a variety of old and new goodies as we get things working, test things out and generally start trying to work through getting jewellery up there for sale. Meanwhile, you can still carry on purchasing lovely, delicate jewellery at my two shops:

I have been working on a new range of shrink plastic jewellery recently. One of the problems with shrink plastic is that it can look a little tacky and cheap. Now, I know I'm no fine jewellery artisan, but I do like to think that my designs mean you can wear plastic kitschyness with a little bit of class. So, shrink plastic was a difficult medium for me to tackle. I'll be launching a new range of rock, colourful bracelets and necklaces in my shops this week, but for now, here is a sneaky peak at the kind of thing I have been creating:

What do you think? The connector charm is coloured in watercolour pencil using my own, swirly, colour mixing designs. Then layers and layers of clear glossy varnish are applied, drying between coats to present a clear, glassy finish. They look pretty delectable, and I can't wait to start listing my fab new pieces. I've been wearing mine all the time, and I bet you will to!

Sadly, I am currently sans photographic equipment due to small accident involving my camera and a very destructive little fellow. My son loves anything with buttons and dials, and screens. He practically climbed up on the table to get it, and promptly knocked it on the floor. Cue much screaming. He was pretty sad too, although I consoled him before looking at the damage. One smashed lens, one broken flash and a pretty pissed off Mummy. I will be buying a new camera on Friday, so that will be fab listing day. I will probably run a little sale of some kind on some less recent designs, I'm trying to clear out my massive pile of jewellery making supplies, and I have a bunch of stuff I have only been able to create once, so a truckload of unique pieces will be appearing on Folksy soon - keep your eyes peeled!

I think that's it for today, I'm off to try and keep my eyes open whilst slumped over my desk at work.

Let me know what you think of my latest pieces, the state of the world, your boyfriends new haircut, or anything you like, really, using the 'comments' option.

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