Sunday, 31 August 2008


I have been off work for a bit, just dealing with some stuff at home, and trying to have a bit of a relax. I thought this would mean I had loads more time for crafting, but of course, I haven't. I have managed to go to my local craft store again, which was great, and I have been working on my packaging. Luckily, my Dad has lent (and it is a lend, I am under no false impression!!) me his camera, and it's much better than the two I broke recently I am being very careful with it indeed. It will probably still smash it's self up somehow, that is just my luck!

Anyway, onto craftier news. I got a whole bunch of business cards printed:

I love them! They are from and they feel so smooth and shiny! I can;t wait to start giving them out, I'm just waiting for the email address to be activated them I'm going to spread the pink and green joy all around town.

I have been working on more new pieces for the 'Edible' range. I love shrink plastic and I think I have perfected the right materials and techniques to make some really unusual pieces. Tomorrow I'll be releasing a new batch of teeny heart studs with fab colours and textures. They should go will with these bracelets and neclaces that are on sale now:

I love the chain that these are made with, and I grabbed up another lot of it this week too, so I'll be designed some gorgeous new pendants and charms to go with it. I think they have a really fab rock-chic feel. Buy yours here in dollars or here in pounds!

Have a great day, and look out over the next week for more Edible goodness :)

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