Saturday, 17 May 2008

Rainbow Fun

Etsy has this searching tool called a 'Treasury'

Basically, it's a group of 12 items that match a certain theme or look good together. Anyone can make one, but there are only 333 spots, so you have to wait for one to expire before you can nab one. I sat waiting last night for the number to drop and YES! I got it!

Here is my Rainbowtastic Treasury (you can click here to see the real thing if you are a member of Etsy - leave a comment so that my treasury gets pushed higher up the list!)

And yes, Captain Eagle Eye, I did sneak in my gorgeous Meadow bracelet, because what's a bit of shameless self-promotion between friends?

I got a little packet in the post this morning, it was a bunch of butterfly charms to make bracelets with - they are so cute! I was really pleased because I ordered 12, and the lovely seller sent me 15, plus a little bag of freebie goodies! The post this morning bought another revelation too. I'm going back to work! I have been on maternity leave for 9 months, and although I love being at home with my little boy, we need the moola really. So...I am going back, evenings only, 6-9and one weekend day. This with give us 50% more again than what I am getting now, so plenty for treats for little dude and me! I start June 02. I know, I'm going to be knackered aren't I?

1 comment:

Wychbury said...

Thank you so much for including our Dandelion Clock in your lovely list! Hope going back to work isn't too bad!
Paula and Lesley x

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