Friday, 23 May 2008

Digging Out

I was hunting for something under my bed yesterday, and I found some drawings that I did a while ago when I worked in a very boring job.

I took a photograph of each of them, then fiddled with the Threshold on photoshop, and they have come up looking quite snazzy. I might use one of them for a new project I have got involved in;

It's basically, you design a page for a diary, you can advertise your shop, or simply make it super-original. I love being part of something like this, and I'm quite excited about designing my page. I nabbed my birthday, I think some dates are still available, if you fancy giving it a shot.

You can view more of my found designs on my Flickr account. Feel free to add me as a Flickr friend too!

I also made a new bracelet today for my boyfriends sister. She wanted something pink and blue so I made her this;

I hope she likes it! It's very girly, lots of hearts and spangly stars, and her initials right in the centre. I'm not sure whether to list this as a custom item, I could do pretty much any colour combination and any initials, although I have only one 'M' which is a little bit weird, but serves me right for buying a mixed bag of random letters!

Loads of stash pics and work-in-progress snaps coming over the weekend!


ChichiBoulie said...

Oh I see lots of potential with those prints! So excited about this diary project, glad to see you in it too!

Saysie said...

Love the print! It's very funky! : )

debsmuddle said...

I can see a series of these.Its great well done you

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