Thursday, 1 May 2008

Newest Earrings & A Fab New Design!

I took some gorgeous photos of my newest earrings yesterday, the colours look amazing, the new camera is working out really well. (Thanks Dad!)

So I've listed those, and a new bracelet I created. Now this is something special, I think. I adore the colour combination, the look of the bracelet and it's general jangliness! It used about 100 charms beads and buttons, and I'm really having to resist wearing it, because it's so fab! It's up for sale on Etsy, and I have had loads of lovely comments about it. Let me know what you think!

Lee came back last night with a whole bunch of stuff for me to make more fab jewellery with. He already bought me these beads;

Which I have made some snazzy bracelets with, but the stuff he bought me yesterday was immense; giant heart and kitschy diamond charms, gorgeous ribbons, raspberries and butterflies, and loads of faux pearls and enamelled heart embellishments. I can't wait to start creating with them!

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