Sunday, 2 January 2011

Jewellery Wish List

I wear a lot of jewellery I make, but I also love adding to my collection from other handmade sellers. Here are some of my newest favourites.

I love, love, love these beautiful pieces by OrdinaryMommy on Etsy...

Charcoal Dove Bow Felt Necklace

The Love Cloud Necklace

There's something I just adore about enamel pieces, and Ohcilly does it just perfect for me...

Merry Birds Go Round Ring

...And beautiful, classy pieces by GlitzGlitter.

Iridescent Abalone Shell Mosaic Necklace

Tiny Sky Blue Chalcedony Briolette Earrings

Hope you are having a very sparkly day x


GlitzGlitter said...

Really lovely choices! Thanks so much for letting me be a part!

Erika Price said...

Beautiful jewellery finds!

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