Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Jewellery Encyclopedia

A fellow Craft Britannia member has started a super awesome glossary of jewellery making terms, stones and techniques.

Three magical things about her & her idea:


These beautiful earrings which are for sale in her shop.


I learnt a little more about my birthstone, Amethyst. I couldn't find anything in Erika's shop made with my favourite stone, and I know I've been posting lots of jewellery recently, but I did find this super amethyst engagement ring by JennyandronyK, which I'm so  drawn to. The way the stone is all pointy and the setting for perfectly round really appeals to me.


There's 25 more posts to come! I can't wait to learn more about stones, tools and metals. Read the first installment *here*

Katie x


Erika Price said...

Oh my goodness Katie, thank you ever so much for featuring my blog post and I'm so glad you thought it was useful!

Very sorry you couldn't find any amethyst items in my Etsy shop - I do have a lovely stash of amethysts on my bench but haven't yet had time to create anything with them, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this Twinkly, it's fab isn't it! I have an amethyst somewhere - going to dig it out and put the theory to the test, lol! x

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