Monday, 10 January 2011

♥ I'm The Boss

Today at Twinklyspangle Towers was my first full day of working on my business by myself. I don't mean I usually have a gaggle of workers, no no, Twinklyspangle is a one-woman show. But I *do* usually have a small, inquisitive toddler trying to get involved. Today he went to pre-school ALL DAY. So, I started my work day at 10am. What did I get done?

I whipped up a pile of tiny hedgehog giftbags. Each season I'll offer a different style, this month, it's these sweet hogs & hearts. The gift bags come with any of my rings and necklaces. Blackboard jewellery is still gift boxed with little wipes and chalks!

If you love perfect quilting, I would look away now. Or possibly before you look at the above picture. It's my first attempt, a present for a tiny baby I know. The squares (triangles), well, I'm proud. But the back is awful and all caught up and creased. I added a new backing piece but I'm struggling with the binding, what to do, what to do?

I promised myself I would add a stationary line to my shop this year, and my supplies have arrived. I have a sweet plan for a range of notepapers that I'm getting started on. I'm thinking hearts, feathers and adorable black cats. Watch this space.

The rest of the day was devoted to writing my hand-written notes for my weekend sales. They are all laid out and most are ready to be flown off to their new homes. It was a good weekend for my vintage lace earrings! Can you spot your purchase?

Coming this week:
♥ Fun shrinky hearts tutorial
♥ Home makeover photos
♥ My search for a vintage hat stand

I hope your year is working out well for you so far!

Katie x


whoatemycrayons said...

Horray for pre-school and playgroups up and down the country. Sounds like a very productive day!

Dotty said...

You made me laugh- how much you can get done without another little person "helping". I remember it well:D

Erika Price said...

Wow - what a lot you managed to do! Well done!

Lea said...

I have also been trying to find a vintage hat stand.
I am yet to find the perfect one.


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