Friday, 21 January 2011

Awesome Link Exchange

Thank you for your interest in being part of my link exchange! The last post broke my record for number of comments which has made me super happy.

So, I've gone through and picked favourite things from everyones shops. If you want to get involved, it's not too late, just go *to this page* and leave a comment with your shop address. I'll add you to this post, and email you when your link is up. You'll need to return to pick out your linkee. This is only going to work if everyone follows the instructions. Pick one person featured below and find somewhere else to post their link. It could be your blog, facebook, twitter, stumbleupon, pintrest. Leave a comment below stating whose link you shared and where, with a link to where you did it, if possible.

(I know, a lot of posting links right? Well that's the whole point of SEO backlinking! Before long you'll be squeezing your shop link in everywhere you can.)

Please don't forget to thank anyone who links you, and you can use more than one person if you like. The whole point of this is to increase your link network. Linking to this page will build an even bigger network.

I'll post the last post of my SEO course later today, meanwhile if you need to catch up:

Introduction: Installing Google Toolbar and what PageRank is
Day 1: Word-storming your shop to find suitable key words
Day 2: Using Keyword Search Tool to narrow down your words
Day 3: Adding your Keywords to your shop
Day 4: Building Relevant backlinks.

Floral Print Toddler Skirt by Adrianascloset
You don't need to feature an item like I have when completing this challenge, a simple shop link is just as effective. If you are going to blog though, don't forget to try and squeeze in two links for your chosen person, to really give them a boost! Good luck!!

Katie x

Note: Please try to feature someone who hasn't already been featured :-)


Cariadclay said...

Yay twink :)

I have linked House of hirudinea
on my facebook here
I will do a new one every day x

katiedidonline said...

Hello! I have linked 10 ppl in my new blog- you can find it here:


I'll convo them all soon too- but need a break from the computer first!
Thanks again for the great posts!

Houseofhirudinea said...

Thanks, Cariadclay!

I've posted a link to KariOriginal's necklace on our Facebook fan page-

lucylou said...

Cariadclay is on my facebook :)

Carolyn said...

Hi! Thanks for doing this...I'm still on Day 2.

I tweeted about this!

thefemininet said...

I have linked to DottyBlueBirds shop through my new facebook page -!/pages/TheFeminineTouch-at-Etsy/170989522922285

Taek a look. I need people to "like" it

Dotty said...

Have featured spinningsreak, houseofhiudinea and femininetouch in my blog. Have also included a link to katiedidonline's blog

KitzieG said...

Thanks for adding my art print twinkly!

I've featured DottyBlueBird on my facebook page:

Steph said...

Thanks Twinkly and Katie!

Finally got mine done here:
including KitzieG, ErikaPrice and Katiedidonline :)

Alison Moore said...

I think I'm a few days behind and certainly haven't pulled my finger out and set up a blog, although this is my mission for next week!

Carid Clay & Cuddle Fish, I've posted your links on my personal facebook page :)

Will post on my blog next week (fingers crossed!). Please bear with me xxx

Laura Bell said...

Have Linked cuddlefish in my blog :)

Crooked Thorne said...

I just linked cuddlefish to my blog, love the illustrations!

Here's the link

Nadine said...

I've tweeted links to shops belonging to

great idea x


Anonymous said...

Watch here

and here

I'll work through them all.

Lorna May said...

Here is my blog:

Have linked:
From Laura with love
Orangies attic

Will add more and hopefully more will join in the fun :o)

AlisonMooreDesigns said...

Imyndas shop now on my new blog! :)

Nadine said...

I tweeted fromlaurawithlove and kitzieg :)

olganna said...

Alison Moore I have followed your blog and put a picture of a really gorgeous pendant necklace of yours on my blog. Would be grateful if you returned the favour.

Anonymous said...

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Sexy girls said...

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