Sunday, 16 January 2011

How To Install Google Toolbar and Check Your Page Rank

If you are struggling getting Google visitors to your shop, this week I am going to help you. Every day I'm going to post something you can do to increase your Google ranking. It's going to be awesome.

You're probably thinking, "hang on, miss spangle, why are *you* qualified to talk to me about this?"

Well, I'm not, not really. But I did launch a major campaign in November to increase my Google page rank, from 'Google does not rank this page' to at least 1/10 (bear in mind, Etsy itself is only 8/10). Well, my Page Rank is now 2/10. So some of the things that I learnt and did must have worked, and now I am going to share them with you.

♥ Don't worry! If you normally come to my blog for fun craft projects and sweet Etsy Finds, I'll be posting those as usual too ♥

What you need to do to prepare yourself to improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 Install the Google Toolbar. I know. It sucks having another thing cluttering up your screen. But you will be able to easily check when your page was last 'cached' (i.e, when Google last bothered to look at your page) and what your Page Rank is. Please note, the Google Page Rank icon is not visable with the standard Google Toolbar. You won't see it when you first load it up. You might have Google toolbar and not know what I'm on about.

Right click on a blank space on your toolbar. Select 'Show Button' and the Page Rank button can be selected.

It shows as a small green/grey bar on your Google toolbar. Spend a little while in your favourite Etsy shops and your favourite websites, noticing what their Rank score is. Just run your mouse over the button to see.

Check out some top Etsy sellers. Check out Facebook and Blogger and your bestest blogs.

Think about what Rank you are aiming for, and come back tomorrow for your first *tip*

...if only I could optimize from behind this screen! Via weheartit

In a few days, I'll be launching a fun Creative Business Challenge for myself. The challenge consists of *10* weeks of fun, Apprentice-style tasks to complete to improve my business and satisfy goals that I have had for a while. I'll give you a little hint, if your interest is piqued.

One of the challenges involves getting a celebrity to wear a Twinklyspangle piece :-)

If you want to follow my progress, or even try the challenges yourself, I'll be posting the first challenge on Monday too :-)

Katie x


Erika Price said...

Brilliant article - thanks for all the tips Twinkly!

lilgreenshop said...

Looking forward to following this! :)

Rosemary said...

Great tip - looking forward to more!

Colours and Textures said...

Thanks so much for sharing Twinkly.

Anonymous said...

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Dee Caffinated said...
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Designed by Dee said...

Hmmm - page ranking is not what I thought it was and it paid to look into exactly what it is!

Kylie Bowers said...

Oh wow Thank-you my Google Rank is 2/10 is that good or bad???

Banana said...

O, thanks so much! I have got that little gadget and when I checked my etsy store it said "was not ranked by google" so I guess that must be really really low?! The only way is up, baby

molla said...
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molla said...

thank you, I`m starting my challenge with SEO trip now with your SEO Beginner:)
I installed google bar and my etsy shop apeared as 2/10 ranked. Is it good for start?

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